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Aqua Passes Expected and Received 06/22/2018 (173)      aqua Orbit TracksToday's Aqua Passes

  Start Time End Time Site Processed Scheduled Quick Look Browse Images Web Cam

actual 00:14:17 00:15:09 nws-honolulu no no IR    
actual 00:28:10 00:28:31 gina-alaska no no    

actual 05:45:53 05:57:07 MERGED yes no Graphical Coverage
actual 05:50:33 05:57:07 aoml-miami no no IR    
actual 05:45:53 05:54:01 nasa-gsfc no no IR    

predicted 07:21:50 07:33:20  
actual 07:21:49 07:37:22 MERGED yes yes Graphical Coverage
actual 07:22:04 07:33:03 ssec-erb no yes IR    
actual 07:21:49 07:33:19 ssec-xband no yes IR    
actual 07:22:15 07:32:52 nasa-gsfc no yes IR    
actual 07:26:04 07:37:22 aoml-miami no yes IR    

predicted 09:00:00 09:10:20  
No passes found for this time
missing     no ssec-xband pass          

predicted 18:28:30 18:40:00  
No passes found for this time
Pass not acquired at SSEC due to scheduling conflict

predicted 20:07:20 20:17:10  
No passes found for this time

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